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Bruno Jan 22.2005 23:40
Dear Mr Nachtwey,

I, like many others, have some of your pictures deeply installed in my brain. It has been a strange pleasure to actually see how you behave when taking the pictures, the way you approach people, no running, no preassure. The fact that most people actually dont find it disturbing that a fella is taking pictures at them when they are suffering is something that now I begin to understand.

Thanks for the picture, and thanks for doing your job, and take care,


Richard Daniel Jan 21.2005 04:28
Hi, I am a 15 year old boy living in Australia. When i watch the documentory i had no idea how devistating war can be. I was really inspired by your work and haave changed the way i look at the world. For me i think watching the documentary will really influence the way i gorw up and who i become as man.

Thank You

jonk Jan 19.2005 09:48
I line uo with all the positive comments that have been made about the documentary and about mr. Nachtwey. If critics are allowed, all the Canon advertising shown sounded strongly out of tune to me.
Still, one of the best and instructive documentary I've watched on the subject.

Octavio Hoyos Dec 21.2004 05:00
Mr. Nachtwey.
Im a young photographer of Mexico City. I love the work of photographer and yhe dedication of all the life and time to obtain the best of images. But i always think whe i see the film, about the James Nachtwey like a lonely person, like a human who also feels, and feel so more than anything of us who live in big cities. Your life and work are inspiration to my photograph work.
Thanks for all.

Giacomo Dec 02.2004 11:08
I finally managed to get my hands on the DVD.
I line uo with all the positive comments that have been made about the documentary and about mr. Nachtwey. If critics are allowed, all the Canon advertising shown sounded strongly out of tune to me.
Still, one of the best and instructive documentary I've watched on the subject.

yolanda Nov 14.2004 14:45
Dear Mr.Nachtwey:
I just finished your War Photographer and I was so moved...Being a junior student in college I lead a life quiet and peaceful,I'm too use to such kind of life that I almost forgot tragedy does existed.Even though I heard about the words war and starving everyday,I choose to ingnore it...it's a vivid lesson,I felt too much that I dont know how to express...It's still too complicated an issue for me to figure out things like why there has to be a WAR,however,even though we can do nothing to help,at least we can hold the believing which you also believe in,that's why you try so hard,right??Anyway,just want to say that you are not alone...we are all here with you!God Bless You!!
Really hope your can come to China once with your works!!
much love

Thomas Kern Nov 14.2004 00:27
Dear James,
I saw that movie WAR PHOTOGRAPHER on WDR in Germany. I was deeply moved by those pictures. I appreciate very much, that you risk your life to take the pictures, that are necessary for our media to write about all those horrible wars in the world. I wish you all the best and may God hold his hand over you.
Whenever you believe, I could do something for you in Germany you can count me in. Just mail me.
Thank you again,

abedin Nov 11.2004 07:33
this movie is very best documentry
this letter for james (I haven`t james email adress,please send for he )
hello James
my name is abedin
I am iranian free lands( war children ) photographer ,
I have 25 age ,I work photography of fourteen ages
I worked in Iran ,Afghanistan ,Iraq.
I `m children war photographer .
I have 11000 frame negative ,posetive ,color & WB of Afghanistan ( afghan children war, war ,people ....) , 22000 of Iran ( Destitution,children ,war land ,war children ,kordestan ,sistan va balochestan ,...)
my photography teachers was kaveh golestan .
he die in Irag , by mine .
I have n`t teacher after kaveh .
in iran ,we have n`t good war photographer ,I like photography very .......
but in iran ,...........
photography in iran alone for money ,no differ war photo,child photo ,nature .....
but I need 1 ,only 1 teacher war photograph ,only for see my photo and Detected my problem in my photo ,

reza ( reza deghati ) in afghanistan of 2003-2004 been my teacher but he now in france ,.......

if you can Gladden abedin ,you be he teacher and see his photo .only .
I love you .
have good time .
please send to me letter.

Vito-Indonesia Nov 09.2004 15:20
It's really touch my heart and give me more spirit to reach my dream, to be a PHOTOGRAPHER...Thanx Jim!!

Samantha Irizarry of Queens NY Nov 08.2004 00:08
I have been introduced to your film War Photographer, and it touched me. I have grown quite the passion for photoghraphy. I am currently attending college and a photography class. The first thing I was shown as far as real life photography, was your work. I must say that you are amazing and I give you my praise. Congratulations on all of your success and keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing more of it.
P.S. I am currently writing a paper on you.

Samantha Irizarry

giulio Oct 25.2004 11:52
scuse me for my outside-place partecipation but i am (and a lot as me) taken care for the vote in usa of 02/09 : i don't speak english very well but believe me if from italy the bush lead of Usa is tremendous, if you can don't vote for bush.
ciao dall'italia

giulio ferrara :)

gary-james callaghan Oct 14.2004 07:46
Dear Mr Natchwey. I am taking a chance you might get to read this, one day. I feel obliged to try and convey this wish to you: that you discover FAITH. If not in a higher power, at least in life or in yourself, at worse, in the odds. Only faith can remove the weight of obligation from your heart. Only faith can help you find even more than peace, yes: happiness. Every single moment you have spent has influenced people.
What we sow does not belong to us. It is our duty to just do what we feel we should, but also, and I'm no holy roller, we must evolve in joy and most of all gratitude for every breath we take that is comfortable, considering what huge proportion of humanity breathes in continuous pain. Your job is to
stay healthy to convey your message by different means now that you are an accomplished lobal war reporter, or let's just say international event witness.
'God Bless now,'-( R Skelton.)
Gary/Baie St-Paul/Qc/Cda.

Xiaofang Oct 01.2004 19:57
Dear James,

I wish you can see this message and know how your works has inspired me -- a college student in China.

There was a time when I was so cynical that I got very aggravated and disheartened by almost everything I saw in the news. Having watched the documentary, however, I started to realize how much "a childish faith" and a can-do attitude could change the world for the better, even though they are often dismissed as the idealists' naivety. Now, everytime I witness injustice around me, your remark resounds in my mind, and I think of what I can do to stop it instead of my own anger and helplessness.

I want you to understand how much I admire you and how your pictures have injected strength into me as well as many others who have been touched by them.

You will always be my inspiration to being a humantarian!I sincerely hope you'll someday hold a personal exhibition in China and spread the message of peace and humanity!

Thank you and God bless you and Mr. Frei!

my email: classicalghost@hotmail.com

William Louie Sep 24.2004 15:21
First , God Bless all war photographer.
When I studied photography, I wish someday I can be a war photographer. After I graduated from photography school. I changed my job. Today when I was watching this film. James makes me have confidence again. Although Hong Kong don't have any support war photographer, I still want to try to be a war photographer.

If any one know that how to be a war photographer or give me some advice !! Pls tell me...?

Robert Delgado Sep 21.2004 03:10
Wonderful documentary... very sensitive human being, caring, shy... I wish the world has few of more like James. May God be with you in difficult times Jim. My thanks goes to Christian Frei as well
for making this possible.....


Pablo Senarega Sep 19.2004 07:06
Im a photojournalist in argentina, I have no words to express how deeply I admire your work. All I can say its thank you for your pictures, thank you for let the world see what you saw.

Jennifer Ireland Sep 14.2004 15:01
I am currently studying A2 Level photography at school and came across your work. I was totally taken back by your superbly taken photos. Although the content is horrific, I think that the way in which you have captured these one off images in such a classy way has intrigued me, and i thank you for it. I have now become interested in how such awful things that happen around the world are documentated and have decided to write my dissertation on your work.

Ahmad Sep 08.2004 18:54
Dear warphotographer
I saw the movie & I can't say what's happening for humanism.
Best regards

Jong Valientes Sep 03.2004 04:34
Dear Jim,

I'm writing from far Manila. Last night before heading to bed, I watched <i>War Photographer</i>. I don't know if that was a wise decision since I spent the next two hours or so just reliving the scenes and raw emotions of the people you saw as well as reflecting on the few words you said about why you're doing all these.

There is no doubt, you have made me embrace life more. There is a part in the docu which showed people's emotions during your New York exhibit. You must have noticed how they all looked. Grim, puzzled, questioning, touched, convicted, prayerful, shocked. Your photos have this tremendous effect of jolting people from their seats and challenging their so-called beliefs and stand.

you are humble, you are gifted. May God be praised in all your works. More power!

phil dray Aug 06.2004 16:01
(this computer has no shift key)

i loved your film...i loved the quiet but resilient attitude of jim, and i loved the dignity returned to all those thousands of people who are made victims of wars all over the world by this film...congratulations on a great, great film, ...i actually chanced upon it, never heard of it to be honest, what a find...unforgettable image, the boy with double amputation...horrifying...

hastagus ekayana Aug 05.2004 15:43
dear mr. nachtway

before, ples apologize me because my english not good. mr nachtway i saw your documentary from dvd,very fantastic.

mr. nachtway, i lived in palangka raya central borneo indonesia ihope you have time
for exibition ( pameran ) your foto i my litle city.you know my city ever make bad hisrory with etnic cleansing dayak and madura
so i hope again your foto can wake us from bad
i hope...
thank mr.james nacthway.

Jay Trout Jul 17.2004 06:38
I see another post from a person who saw this film on Canadian television. I rented it from Netflix (thank you). America is in need of a refresher course in democracy, which should probably be taught by Canadians!

Jay Trout Jul 17.2004 06:33
There are a few films (and photos) that should be required viewing in schools. The same should, and would, be presented by all news outlets with any integrity. This is one, along with (but not limited to) Hearts and Minds, Independent Media In A Time of War, Outfoxed, etc. This is a great film about a great subject.

Nachtwey's photos are exquisite art that reveal a repulsive reality.

I want to see documents of the results of US foreign policy, especially from the last few years. I'd love to own hardbacks of his (and others') work, but at present cannot afford them.

When possible, I happily support, financially and otherwise, the work of artists and journalists, but isn't it a disgrace that we should have to seek out and purchase what should be appearing daily on our TV's and front pages?

aik chekoian Jul 07.2004 09:12
please this message is for james nichtway-james please can you tell me how can i send some money for the man who has 1 leg and 1 hand and who loves his family soo much and who lives between the railways -please tell me how can send them some money -i was realy moved when i saw his entire family and love which live between them -belive me i was almost crying . my mail is aikchekoian222@hotmail.com --- i hope that this message will get you and that you will answer me ---ABOUT YOUR PHOTOS-- TELL ME 1 THING -HOW CAN YOU LIVE NORMAL LIVE AFTER THAT YOU SAW SOO MUCH TRGEDY IN YOUR LIVE?? MY DEAR FRIEND FOR ME YOU ARE A REAL HERO OF HUMANITY -I THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR THE WORK THAT YOU DO -IF I WOULD BE A "BILL GATE" I SWEAR I WOULD DO EVERYTHING TO STOP FAMIN IN AFRICA -I WOULD MANY THINGS FOR HUMANITY -ANYWAY THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH JAMES I THINK AFTER DOCUMENTAL I HAVE CHANGE MY POSITIONS IN MY LIVE , THANKS AGAIN

jarrod Jul 06.2004 20:03
incredibly moving. you have done so much in your own way.individuals can use your determination to inspire profound personal change. the kind of change that effects those around them - like you have done to those that see your journey. I am grateful for witnessing idealism practiced in such a benevolent and tangible manner. your humble disposition only makes it more inspiring. bravo.
you do what others only contemplate.

A. B. Konkin Jul 06.2004 16:56

After watching War Photographer last night, I have now added you to my tiny list of heroes in this world. I am still learning the art of photography, but now, when I need inspiration and courage, I will think of you and your great work. Please, please come to Canada with an exhibit or just come for a visit! Take care.

Francesca O.Jacinto-Lopez Jul 04.2004 12:09
You are extraordinary, Mr. Nachtwey. I admire your passion, your zeal and your dedication for the work that you do. You have shown me how one can humble themselves and give out to the world without expecting anything in return. I believe you and your work companions to be true warriors. Thank you for sharing the reality of your pictures with the rest of the world, and for allowing the silent cries of those in them to be heard. I pray, God keep you well.

Mr. Frei, thank you for allowing your audience to understand and to somehow feel the dangerous reality of what these dedicated people go through in their line of work. It has given us, ordinary individuals, an awareness of the people who risk their lives in the search for truth and hopeful justice. God bless you.


Marco Mendonca Jul 02.2004 02:00

Unfortunately, not available here (BRAZIL), but I managed to order the imported DVD (no portuguese subtitles available).

A must see to any journalism and photography student.

Hell, a must see documentary to every human being who "thinks, therefore is".

Nachtwey work reminds us (me at least) the true values of life like life itself, liberty, freedom, dignity, honor, work, family, home...


Hiep Truong Jun 28.2004 15:34
Dear Mr. Nachtwey,

I saw your documentary on TV lastnight and it is positively the "BEST" documentary I've everseen.Your courage,determination,personal sacrafices, and not to mention how humble of a man you are makes me relize thats its people like you who are true "HEROES" of this world. You do deserve all the awards and respect that comes to you! My wish one day is that I can do just a little something that might help bring peace to our world and make my parents proud of me as I know your parents are proud you. Keep safe wherever your humantarian photograhy leads you, we need more photographers like you. Oh, just one more thing, thankyou also to Mr.Frei.
P.S. Please visit Toronto someday, we be honored to have you both.

Catrin Gempp(15) Jun 16.2004 17:18
dear mr.nachtway

i´ve seen the documentary `War photographer` and it was something like an outcry for me.i was shocked to see how people fight, how people torture one another, how people suffer a lot of discrimination, how people get hurt and hard, how people kill and how war destroys...teenagers in my age often don´t think about what it really means to suffer and to be in danger...what impressed me most was that you aren´t that kind of person who wants to get the most awful pictures..a sensitive man who wants to express his feelings with pictures-no talk;-no action. For me it´s incomprehensible that people have to live under terrible conditions: without food, without help, without hope..and sometimes i feel guilty when i see how we´re living..in such a commercialized and glamourized world.i´m an open-minded girl who goes through life with open eyes and you encouraged me to cooperate with other girls and boys in my age doing a project about war..and how the world works!
Thank you
p.s. i was impressed and fascinated by the way you´re doing your job
catrin, 15 years old, Germany

Xavier Jun 03.2004 18:25
James Nachtwey nos muestra su día a día en este maravilloso dvd,que en mi opinión y como estudiante de fotografía considero pieza imprescindible de todo fotógrafo.Un trabajo excelente.

Wank carmo May 01.2004 02:45
Caros Amigos:

Este filme deveria ser exibido em todos os pontos do planeta. É uma obra prima do documentário de guerra. Toda a equipe está de
Gostaria muito que este trabalho pudesse chegar até o Brasil.
Wank Carmo

Ashraf Raouf Apr 15.2004 13:39
Dear mr nachtwey
I saw a documentary about your work yesterday late night on Austrian TV and was deeply moved and schocked. I am a father of a girl and a boy and the pictures that put tears into my eyes were those of that begger in Indonisa who lost his left arm and leg. I couldn´t sleep and i kept on thinking on how to help him and his family. My deepest admiration are with this man that still has the power and belief that Fatherhood and devotion are the strongest gift God has given us. Please be so kind and let me know how can i donate a regular amoutn of money to help that great man.
Best regards from Vienna
Ashraf Raouf.
P.S. may God bless you and take care of you Mr Nachtwey. You are an excepsional person

Iris Habigtsberg Apr 06.2004 16:38
Dear Mr. Nachtwey, dear Mr. Frei
thank you for this film and the "war"-pictures. After beeing shocked and sad, both the film and the fotos realy open up a space for humanity and love.
The film will be shown in my sons Montessorie-school, I promise ! Is there any chance to get the foto-exhibition to Munich ?
Best regards
Iris Habigtsberg

Danielle Edwards Mar 09.2004 01:26
i think this is the best thing that any one can do. i have always whanted to go to the army or do something to get me to take pictures of the war. ilove things like this and it shows the real people, the people that are effected by this and ther emotion.

Domenico Pagano Mar 07.2004 16:41
Is this picture in English or German?

Haris Dobardzic Feb 06.2004 13:06
"I saw "War photographer" almost year ago on DW chanell..."

I am sorry, that was incorrect. It was on ARTE not DW channell.

Nadja Disselhoff (Germany) Feb 04.2004 13:53
Hi James!I just can't explain what feeling it was to watch the report about you on German tv...I was absolutely captivated to see that I'm not the only one who wants to look and not just turn away from inhumanities taking place. WhatI find to be most encouraging is the amount of positive feedback which you get. I surely like the message which you put through..."these are our inhumanities...but we can change them..." Funniliy enough in a curious way your pictures are absolutely artistic...they make us think..and think...even though it's "just" a picture...it can mean someones world. I hope you recovered from your accidient..I wish you all the best and may your work never end,specially if others take you as an example...All the best,Nadja Disselhoff

Ermiyas Mekonnen-Desta Feb 03.2004 20:03
What an inspirational photographer, I admire his work whole heartedly: his genius and I am hoping to use from what I learnt by watching his documentaries and reading books about him to master the work of photojournalism.
Thank You and May God Bless You.

GY CHEN Jan 26.2004 18:54
I saw ur documentary on channle 4 in England last nigh. that was absolutely heartquake. Thank you to produce such sadness pics to this unfair world. Speechless.
All the best from a chinese student.

LARRY N. MARSH Jan 06.2004 06:25
Documentary was great. I've always admired Jame's work. I have followed Jame's life since 1990, he got me hooked on photography, I dont photograph war, but life in the U.S., until now I have'nt pushed my work into the public eye, but after watching James in the War Photographer I feel its important for all who docuement life should. Thats the only way the world will hopefully change for the better. THANK YOU JAMES

Luc Janssens Dec 19.2003 16:51
I was impressed with the war-photographer movie. Those images keep telling me and the world what is going wrong. The man Nachtwey impressed me with standing right in the middle of the action.
We need pictures like this to make our world better.
I heard JM in injured and I which him a full recovery.
Best regards

Haris Dobardzic Dec 15.2003 18:39
First, all wishes for fast and full recovery. I saw "War photographer" almost year ago on DW chanell, and only can repeat what others said. Great film about grat man.

Second, for people who asked where to get film, check at amazon.com, it seems film is avaliable there.

Giacomo Girino Dec 12.2003 18:29
Does anyone have any idea as how to get "War Photographer" in Italy? It was passed on channel RAI3 last year so it must be here also.

Louise Mitchell Dec 12.2003 17:32
I heard today that you are much better. Praise God.

Someday I would like to talk with you concerning how our children are not being protected by our court system. There is great pain across our country. There is a group "Protective Parents" as well as others trying to help the children and families. There are pictures of pain which could perhaps wake up our people. No child is safe. The subject is child abuse, in particular, child sexual abuse.
I believe God gave me a mission to help as I can. Within the next year to year and six months perhaps the greater story will be closer to being told. I teach children with disabilies. I ask if you would perhaps be willing to talk with me in the next year.

May God Bless you and your work.
From an over 50 teacher who was around during the Viet Nam War.

Roland Lang Dec 12.2003 15:40
Heard today that you're injured and still without consciousness.
Wish you all my best!

Working as a semiproffessional photographer I was very impressed by "warfotographer" nevertheless I knew your work before.
And in all my seminars about grafic design and photography you were mentioned with regard.

Let the sun shine on you again!

Jeff Hall Dec 12.2003 04:52

Best wishes for a speedy recovery! My daughter is currently doing her 8th grade art project on you and your work and she and I were both quite upset that you were injured today.

She was aware of your work from an article in Vanity Fair in which you were featured along with the many other brave war photographers of your group.

As you and I both graduated from Dartmouth in the same class I am always reminded of the amazingly significant statement you make every day on the condition of the world and its survivors. May you always be the preeminent survivor, my friend...

Please keep pushing the edge and putting out your message...


Raffi Dec 12.2003 03:36
Very dangerous situations My prayers go out to both families.

Robert Dec 12.2003 02:13

- Photojournalist James Nachtwey and Time magazine
writer Michael Weisskopf are listed in stable condition
after the car they were traveling in suffered a grenade
attack in Baghdad.

My heart goes out for you James....

Rob Dec 07.2003 05:32
good news war photographer is available on amazon.com

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