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Yi WNG Mar 21.2006 16:00
Dear Mr.James Nachtwey:
I just finish seeing the warphotographer, it's really impress me, and as a amature photographer fans, I like it very much. And only one question I want to ask you: when you were in the scence, is there any moment that make you could't press the button?

Davide Bolzoni Mar 17.2006 01:03
After look your movie, y relese my mission, i look for help to enter in humanitaria photo.
Thank's for your work

Best regards
Davide Bolzoni

woo sung Mar 11.2006 19:51
dear Mr.James nachtway..

Im korean student.

I saw your movie, very impact me..

now me amateur Photographer..

you teach me..

my english very short so sorry..

Art Vizthum Mar 07.2006 00:14
What a tremendous film and a heroic figure. I have filmed documentaries about narcotic cops in west Baltimore and paramedics in New Orleans...urban war zones. So this film really hit home, though of course I have experienced nothing like what James has been through, and can only dream of having anything close to his talent and bravery. Truly an inspiring figure and an inspiring film.

Could you please tell me how I might be able to help the family James documented in Jakarta...and other families like them. Is there a fund that has been set up as a result of the film??

Gabriel Feb 27.2006 16:14
Ce film est boulversant, et la photographie y puise ses lettres de noblesse. Bravo James, Bravo Christian. Une civilisation qui ne protège pas ses enfants, est une civilisation sans avenir.

Kev Feb 23.2006 14:05
Nachtwey is a real life Indiana Jones.

M A Salehin Feb 05.2006 11:45
Wish you all the bests in every aspects of life.

gael turpo Jan 28.2006 19:32
Nachtwey était pour moi déjà une référence et j'ai été très heureux de découvrir sa facon de travailler grace à ce très bon film. A la fois intéressant, extremement bien réalisé. J'ai le DVD et le regarde régulièrement, comme pour me motiver. Il faut des modèles, Nachtwey en est un et ce film nous permet de mieux connaitre son travail. Merci.

Tongchao Jan 20.2006 18:56

愿:好人一生&# From Soochow of China

Jorge Carmigniani Jan 18.2006 03:18
I saw two times the film in the maac, here in Ecuador. What i'm going to say wouldn't call your attention at all. But I'm convinced, inspired to study photography and become the best, thanks. I hope films like this appear in the next years to show us the truth, and admirable life of a war photographer.

Will Dec 29.2005 00:04
As I began watching, my first impression was something of disgust. I found repugnant the images of this well groomed man with a camera in the faces of people suffering greatly. I couldnt understand how they could accept someone recording their misery as they experienced it. And as I watched I began to understand. I began to see that people needed James Nachtwey to tell their story. To bring to the world a visoin of something most of us dont see, dont even know occurs. To awaken people like myself who otherwise wouldnt know, and show us the human faces of the people, rather than the numbers of casulties. These perceptions are two completely different understandings of the world. And without people like James, someone such as myslef would never be able to understand things so far removed from my perspective.

mohammad hossein nikopuor Dec 16.2005 16:25
i wish see you in iran not for war photography.
tonighte see this film with everybody younge photographer.
i am a photojournalist in iran for local newspaper.

take care

Sefi Dec 12.2005 16:34
I saw the documentary today... and it's extraordinary.
The pictures and the filming, with you being at the scene, even in the most dangerous situations- brings the viewer right in the scene, and that is what it shoud be.
High repsect to your work and to the efforts to touch a human heart and really see the reality in the world.

I'm from Kosovo, and just like many others around the globe where you've already been or yet to go, am thankful for this masterpiece of work.


Henry Garcia Dec 10.2005 06:07
Wonderful human being....someone who is willing to travel to the ends of the world, to the most dangerous places on earth to shows us the truth.
I don't know how to thank him

God bless you

Olivier Dec 03.2005 22:27
Dear Mr. Nachtwey,

I just move close to NY few weeks ago.
I wanted to give you some news of a friend of us.
I met you once on a little island on the farwest of France.
I was just wondering if you had an idea how we could help him.

Best Regards


Fox Mulder Dec 03.2005 14:09
Could you tell me how to become a war-photographer like you?

kim Maurice Nov 24.2005 05:06
Je suis très touché par ce documentaire. Après en avoir vu beaucoup, celui là s'est gravé dans mon coeur et le restera surement longtemps. Bien monté ! James, tu es mon héros!! Si tu passe par Québec, fais moi signe.. Je t'adore..


Pat Nov 19.2005 02:54
Hope, your work won't die, and more people will see it, people that control war never really saw the real war, but they should, for this to "stop" a little!

take care!

gusti eka sucahya Nov 01.2005 20:45
james...your work...they're wonderful and yet so painfull...i believe i saw you and your camera during 1998 riots in indonesia...

thank you for sending us a great message through your picture...

THE CUBE Oct 15.2005 23:45
Forte,emotivo,sconvolgente,un'opera di valore umano e di coraggio in un tempo ove umanita' e coraggio sono cose rare.

nabil Oct 10.2005 07:36
amazing! really puts u in check of how significant fashion/neauty all that shit it compared to whats happening out there!

really touching documentary!

nick catling Oct 10.2005 01:14
your work is a insperation to us all. as a pro photographer you keep me on my toes and help me think about composition before i shoot. when is the next film coming?
keep well nick catling england

Jessica Rodas Oct 05.2005 05:39
Mr. Nachtwey, this was the best documentary film I have seen. This film is motivational, inspiring, and portrays a commitment. Congratulations, on your work!!

Shelby Sep 23.2005 16:53
I just wanted to let you know that your pictures are not just pictures. They are stories...emotions...perspectives. I am going to be a Social Studies teacher after this semester and I want you to know, Mr. Nachtwey, that you will be a very big part of my classes. I hope that I can inspire next generations to make changes in our world so that maybe one day you will be able to take pictures for Hallmark cards :)

Ruben Marques Sep 19.2005 16:05
i watch your film yesterday and i love it the way that you see the reality and turn it in photography i take photographs for about 2 years and you really inspired me to continue to take and to put more feelings in thank you for that

ps: i really like when people helps when saw your photos

sorry my bad english

Ruben Marques ( portugal )

reece harley Sep 07.2005 06:11
All i can say is thankyou.

James nachtwey has inspired me on many levels with his skill, courage, perseverance and utter humanity.

I began to save for my 1st digital slr after watching this doco.

World, here i come!!

GBR (France/Québec) Aug 19.2005 07:18
I made a page in french, on my own website about greats photoreporters,and especially James Nachtwey .
You find too Robert Capa,Sebastião Salgado, Eugene Smith, Robert Doineau ...
I am a local photo reporter and I made some coverings about accidents and dramas .
But this is far from Nachtwey's photographs.

Austin Ng Aug 07.2005 16:03
This is one of the best documentaries i have ever seen. James's images really inspired me alot. The man's got great courage and wonderful mission! kudos to u! cheers!

Thomas Vatlum Jul 22.2005 01:59
Im speechless.

Marcin Jul 20.2005 20:54
Your attitude make me take my camera and go to every place people suffer. Thank you for an impulse. Thank you for being.

Alan Jul 15.2005 07:40
Thank you for telling the stories, others try and ignore.

Orban marton Jul 11.2005 21:13
I think , a lot of people are admiring you,but very few understands you,your motives, why are you keep doing this "job".
I think y understand you.
I am a MD.
I wish, i have the courage, and leave behind my country, my family, friends and go in Africaor India, and just try to help peoples that are in misery.
I hope some day i will have your courage and make a diffrence .

Bilal Jul 10.2005 16:22
Thank for your testimony.

SYAMSUL HADI - Indonesia Jun 26.2005 05:09
Hello, ...

Im Hadi 24 years old from Jakarta.
I saw this movie on JIFFEST, the 1st world premiere at that time. I've got your sign on my book, thanks Mr Nachtwey. I lived near the place that you photograph the poor man who live in the rail way. Almost every day i seen him crossing the street.
And the Tukang Ojek, i've talk to him about the experience to serve you when you on assignment at that time.
Im studying film, majoring at screenplay writing. And now because this film and Nachtwey photograph inspiring me to start photograping people.
Now i become a freelance photographer who picturing film and now just prepare my 1st photography book.
Soon, i will send the book after release to your add.

Now i know the different, why we are choosing the way to to work and the to dedicated the work to our life and to the others life.
And everday, every minutes i always think how can i help people with my photograph.

Ok then, thanks for become my inspiration.
Both of you, Mr Christian Frei and Mr James Nachtwey.

6221-81808862649 / 6221-21-5644157

Julia from Montreal Jun 10.2005 07:39
This movie can accomplish more than a thousand words on war, poverty, environmental destruction and humanity. I think everyone should see this movie to be more aware of what is going on in the world that we live in. This movie and Nachtwey's vision has had a strong impact on how I see issues pertaining to the developing world. I also love how the movie has an uplifting note to it, and shows the endurance and strength of the human spirit.

Thank you for making this film. And thank you to Nachtwey for his very imporant work.

Craig May 27.2005 07:11
Seeing this film makes me question every routine and unimportant thing that I do daily. Thank you, James, for bringing the sadness of war and opression out of the darkness of print, spin, opinion, politic, lie and power. Thank you, Christian, for bringing James and his work to us in a way that opens our hearts beyond the frozen moments of James' sadly beautiful pictures.

Muhammad Rifki Apr 17.2005 16:16
The first time I saw War photographer, I feel like Im in other part of world. I studied film, so I am amazed what Christian did, and when it come to Indonesian part, It shock me. I am living in Jakarta, and I never thought the greit Director like you can find a place and moment like that, I impressed.
I feel so sad and cant do much about it, thats what it is in here.
My wish , that I hope someday, I will make a film to convey just as reality as it is.
Thank you

Bora Apr 15.2005 13:58
Mr.james nachtway

Your pictures are impressed to me.
I'm Korean. I can't english very well.
but I really tolds you. Thank you.
And I respect for your passion about pictures. Always good luck to you

Todor Apr 09.2005 01:02
I am impressed to see that there are people like you who don't just picture it but picture it with the goal and attendant feelings! I am loosing hope of the world i see every day, no the people i see every day, and films like yours are so important for me! When i see your film i see that there is still hope and love in this world! And every one of us has to do something about it! Not NECESSARILY in Kosovo or Africa, but in our own country! LOVE is the way! Thank you for this film! I hope that it will be seen by more and more people!

TK Mar 21.2005 19:26
This is perhabs, the best movie, I have ever seen... The first time I saw it, I wept openly... I have now seen it app. 5-10 times.. And I still weep openly, every time I see it.. This movie, combined with your book INFERNO, has made a massive impact on me...
I now, only have one mission.. To complete my edducation (Mathematics and Chemistry), and move to the former yugoslavia, to help them in any way I can....
Thank you for, making such a impact on me... Thank you...

Ronan Considine Mar 02.2005 05:18
This is best film about war photography I have seen. I saw it about a year ago and just watched it again today and it really captivated me. I'm going to school for photography and want to become a photojournalist. Having the cameras on his camera is a real grate way to see how he works. Well done.

Noémie Feb 23.2005 03:12
Mr. Natchwey
Vous faites un bon travail, dommage que les gens qui lui porte le plus d'attention soient ceux qui croient en la paix. Si les grands dirrigeants de ce monde comprenaient vos photographies comme je les comprend peut-être viverions nous dans un monde un peu moins ... fou. Votre travail portera fruit un de ces jours.

ortal Feb 22.2005 00:35
i saw the movie a week ago it was very sad to know that there are poeple like them in our world we have to watch in again and again to cuase pople to open their hart

jayson Feb 18.2005 12:53
Very well done, to share the work of james is a really intense moment, a great film

Stefan Lucien Feb 12.2005 02:55
Merci Monsieur Nachtwey,

je viens de regarder le film de Christian Frei sur Arte.
Vous disiez que les magazines ne voulaient plus montrer la misère mais il ne reste plus qu'Arte pour faire le lien vers la misère de ce monde au travers de votre objectif. Petit à petit je me suis adapté à votre impudique pudeur qui au fil du film m'a obligé à ouvrir un peu plus mes yeux sur ce qui m'entoure à quelques heures de ma vie confortable. Comment ne pas réaliser la chance que j'ai de vivre dans le pays où je vis aujourd'hui et celle de mon petit garçon de 2 ans, qui à l'heure où je vous écris maladroitement ces quelques mots se construit au travers de ses rèves. Il ne comprendra pas demain pourquoi je lui dirai tant de fois à quel point je l'aime. Salvador Allende avait dit que le bonheur d'un pays commence toujours par celui de ses enfants. Je déséspère qu'un jour, tous les pays du monde comprendront que c'est par là que passe l'avenir de notre humanité.

tombook Feb 09.2005 09:41
Bonjour, je m'exprime en français afin de pouvoir trouver les mots justes...
J'ai été boulversé par votre film que j'ai vu recemment sur ARTE. Votre regard sur le monde tel qu'il est, votre compassion et votre humilité mon touché. Vous montrez l'immontrable, vous etes le dernier lien pour ceux qui n'ont plus rien. A vous seul vous justifiez le travail de journaliste dans toute sa grandeur, merci pour vos yeux qui nous permettent de savoir, de voir.
J'espère que votre travail n'a pas fait pleurer que moi, et que des gens influents seront puiser dans vos images la volonté réelle de changer les choses.
Merci encore, sincerement.

Sophie Feb 08.2005 18:51
Again and again, we need to watch this documentary. I hope magazines and tv and all the journalists of the WORLD will be interested in these problems of war, etc... We need to know, to understand, to help them. We have some money for our diner tonight. Why not for them ? Please, where can we send some money ? For these people who are dying because they have nothing to eat. Please, let us an address where we can send some clothes or I don't know ! I want to have a reason to live !!!
Thank you.

Sophie Feb 08.2005 18:36

I am french and I watched the documentary yesterday night on ARTE. WOW !!!
I cried a lot... Why don't we see these images more often to open our hearts ??? We are so blind, so egoistic...

I can't stand me..


Lesley again Feb 01.2005 03:52
I'm wondering if there's something citizens can do beyond donating to charities and protesting against evil corporations who exploit opportunity in the third world. We showed, during the tsunami, that we can generate billions in a very short period of time. How can we connect directly to the people who live in appalling conditions like the family on the railway tracks? How can we help them get settled in a home with walls and amenities so they can live their lives safely. I would never say "with dignity" because the photographs showed the immense dignity these people have in the face of such poverty. I am ashamed. Anyway, if there's a way we can help directly the communities of people James is taking photographs of, please advise. Citizens here want to connect with the peoples there.

P.S. One of the most moving things James said was about how he dealt with his emotional reactions, the trauma caused by being subjected to war. And he said he channeled it. It reminds me that even though it's painful to look and be a witness, it's far less painful to feel bad than to live on railway tracks or have your whole family killed. We need to learn to be stronger and to have the courage to face everything.

Lesley Feb 01.2005 02:08
I live in Canada, and like most in my generation, have never experienced the devastation of war. Your photographs are poignant and deeply affecting. I was especially moved by the scenes in Indonesia, the poverty and the men who work in the sulphur mine. I'm wondering now what I can do to pressure politicians here to insist on fair trade - honestly fair trade - and not this sham the WTO is calling free trade. Those men in the sulpher mines have no protective gear and work in appalling conditions. I wouldn't have known if not for this film. Thank you for your dedication to bringing the stories of others home.

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